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A Question for YOU:

Have you written your letter to Governor Brown asking him to sign AB 1705? If not, please do so NOW. See below for sample letter.

A Question for ASAC:
Is there still time to contact him?
Yes - There's no telling when he gets to look at construction bills. His deadline is Sept 30 for all bills.

See below for letters we know about so far.

When Senate Bill 293 passed last year subcontractors believed that they finally achieved a 5% cap on retention in public projects. However, a clause in the bill allows the cap to be exceeded if the project is "substantially complex". Since then we've seen simple projects being declared substantially complex. In effect, public entities are evading the law. Worse, subcontractors are being taken advantage of...again!

We need your help to stop this abuse. ASA California has been working the last several months on AB 1705, a bill that makes it more difficult to declare a project "substantially complex". NECA and CalSMACNA have worked closely with ASAC on this effort.

Click here for a bill fact sheet.

The bill recently passed the Senate with a vote of 35 to 0. It now returns to the Assembly for its concurrence on recent amendments.

Then it goes in front of the Governor, who has the power to sign it into law or veto it. We need to show him that this law is important to the construction industry and deserves his approval!

All you need to do:
Copy and Paste the attached letter to your letterhead. (Letter is also below.)
Reword it as you see fit, or use as is.
Print it.
Sign it.
Mail it to the Governor at this address:

The Honorable Edmund G. Brown, Esq.
State of California
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814

We now have a link for you to communicate by fax and emails however you cannot attach anything to the e-mail note:

THEN: please fax or e-mail a copy to the ASAC office so we can keep track of the grassroots response:
FAX TO 530-662-2865

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Honorable Edmund G. Brown, Esq.
State of California
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814

Re: AB 1705 (Williams) ... SUPPORT

Dear Governor Brown:

AB 1705 closes a loophole in law that has allowed public entities to declare a public construction project as so "substantially complex" that the State's 5% cap on retention policy can be disregarded.

When SB 293 (Padilla) was signed into law last session, it was not conceived that such a determination could or would be used to evade public policy concerning the equitable, and hard fought, 5% cap. But, some school districts immediately used the "substantially complex" definition of a project without justification.

As a result, many subcontractors would not bid on these projects because they cannot afford to have 10% (or more) retained by the district for work performed.

AB 1705 makes clear that any project that is justifiably determined to be substantially complex be so defined in the bid materials and that bidders be informed that the project would not be limited to the 5% cap.

Please sign AB 1705 to restore the original intent of SB 293 and avoid having projects intentionally ratcheted up as being so difficult to construct that a higher retention is needed. Without AB 1705's clean up I cannot not afford to bid on certain jobs.

I request that you sign AB 1705. Thank you very much sir.


- - - - - - - - - - -

Letters sent so far:
AGA - Architectural Glass & Aluminum
Ahlborn Fence & Steel Inc.
Ahlborn Structural Steel Inc.
Anchor Construction Specialties Inc.
Associated Roofing Contractors of the Bay Area Counties Inc.
Bagatelos Architectural Glass Systems Inc.
Best Contracting Services Inc.
California Erectors Inc.
Carlile - Macy
Case Pacific Company
Chapman Coast Roof Company Inc.
Construction Preliens & Paperwork
CS Marine Constructors Inc.
Dowdle & Sons Mechanical Inc.
Dynamic Precast Company Inc.
Eagle Electric
Eberhard Company
Edwards Glass & Aluminum
Enterprise Roofing Service Inc.
Franciscan Glass Company Inc.
Giroux Glass
Golden Belt Coatings Inc.
Hansel Bros. Enterprises
Heinaman Contract Glazing
Highland Commercial Roofing
HUB Construction Supplies & Equipment
J&M Concrete Contractors
KBI Painting Contractors Inc.
Kyne Construction Inc.
Lincoln Glass & Mirror
Los Angeles Painting & Finishing Contractors Association
Magik Glass and Door
Mason Contractors Association of California Inc.
Masonry Concepts Inc.
McLennon Law Corporation
MK Pipelines Inc.
Muhlhauser Steel Inc.
Northern California Glass Management Association
Northern California Painting & Finishing Contractors
Painting & Decorating Contractors of California
Partition Specialties Inc.
Pike Heating & Air Conditioning
Redwood Painting Company Inc.
RT Western Inc.
Santa Barbara Glass Company
SDC Architectural Solutions
Seawright Custom Precast Inc.
Sierra Woodworking
Surety Associates of Southern California
Union Roofing Contractors Association
Walters & Wolf
Western Fire Protection Inc.

A finalized list will be forthcoming, so if you didn't make this one, please do send your letter and copy ASAC. The Governor needs to know this bill is important !!

(Updated September 5, 2014)

Open to all ASA Members

ASAC Government Relations Committee (GRC) & Board of Directors Meetings
Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Hotel
6101 West Century Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90045

September 9, 2014 Tuesday evening
Attend LA-OC-IE Meeting featuring Clark Construction

Stay over to attend the ASAC Meetings
September 10, 2014 - Wednesday
9:00 GRC followed by Board, over by 2:00.

Representatives from ASA National will be attending.

Please make your own flight and hotel arrangements.

There is a block of overnight rooms reserved - click here to register
Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Hotel
Deadline for Rooms at special ASAC rate: August 20, 2014

Contact Executive Director Jordi Grant to get involved!

(Updated August 18, 2014)

ASAC Appreciates YOUR Help!

Once again as we work in a very active legislative session, ASAC leaders anticipate your doing your part, helping our Subcontractor community when we ask for your letters and phone calls.

Remember -- We only ask when we truly believe your efforts will be influential in determining the direction a bill or movement heads.

Those efforts do make a difference! There's strength in numbers!!!!!

Brett Eckles
ASAC President
Eckles Construction Inc.
Daniel McLennon, Esq.
ASAC Government Relations Chair
McLennon Law Corporation

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